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tues day triva bonus

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we use the action in this to ask mostly daft related trivia questions

since steven matz  K ed his opsite number we take out our die roll a 1

we go to the 1st line of his stats sheet

Jacob Degrom lead the mets pitchers in Ks we roll a 4

 we go to the  mets 2014 hitting stats

we see that  Curtis granderson whiffed the most of the 2014 mets batters

we roll a 4 taking us to the 2007 hitting stats

Brandon Inge fanned the most we roll a 1

taking us to the 2001 tiger bating stats

the current players union head lead the cats in ks

we roll a 3 leading us to 1997 tiger bating stats

melvin neieves lead the tigers in whiffs

we roll a 2

leading us to 1993 sandiego padres hitters

phill plantier lead in strikeouts

we roll a 1

leading us to the 1990 red sox

tom burnanky lead the team in air conditioning the plate

we roll a 3 leading us to the 1983 twins

then gary gaetti

we roll a 2 leading us to the 1982 twins

gary  led in ks again leading us to our question

who was the  twins 1st round pick of  the june 1982 draft


Bryan Oelkers thank you baseball refernce and mlb.com stats




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