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with vacation and spoty internet…

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…i have not bloged in while  I went with my folks to the nationial square dance convention in des moines iowa  had a great time on the way I got to dip myself in magic waters by visiting the field of dreams site in dyersvile iowa ( my blog map will show going from the cws to dyersvile not my vacation route)


Igot to park my mobilty cart in the edge of the cornfield where sholess joe and ghost players apeared  As  i looked uponthe field i could help but think of terry man’s speech

the bigest surpise is that touring the field is free lol

as i rolled i also thought of moonlight Gramham’s wish

i always wondered why settle for a tripe and not an inside park homer doc

i’ll post more pics and vids as my mom gets them up on her fb or sends them to me


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