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Service sunday 7/3/2016 Give thanks to our troops

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Too many of service people are struggling with PTSD , addition and suicide.  while on vacation I received an email  to my disability website reachforyourdream.net about  the rate of PTSD   and substance abuse among the veteran community from the co author of an article on drugrehab.org ,  Elizabeth  Turner.  the fact that even one  Vet struggles with  PTSD is one too many the fact that this too often leads to substance abuse and suicide is just heartbreaking. We should fight hard to see that our government makes the best mental health, substance abuse, and  brain injury resources available to our service people and they should  be encouraged to use them so they do not drop out of an  America they helped defend.

tonights Fort Bragg game


 I love that mlb  decided to do this.  They and  the mlbpa should be commeneded for building and donating a ball field to the Fort Bragg folks and playing a game for those that make it possible to have a nation free so we can have pro baseball.


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