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hope everyone had a happy 4th of july…

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Internet outages and visitors made bloging   dfficult so I will give you snippet for each day

Monday  july 4 We had planned to go around the league our  baseball day began in Washington and ended tues in cleveland around 2 am



Get your Mlb  starspangled and other gear here

Jose altuve started a new streak for me

7/5 trivia tuesday The 2016 cubs join the 1963 cardinals as the only infleidsto have every member be an all star starter (soucure reds radio broadcast)

7/6  way out wed  delays are way too long Fans spend too much money  andwork too hard to be forced to sit through a game length rain delay as theonly recourse to getting their money’s wroth  Ticket, food discounts, team shop cerdit , media  packages could be all considered if teams don’t want to give refunds would make rescheudling easier too

throwback thursday 7/7/1950 My mom’s birthday

this is what was happening in the world

and in mlb

note  3 teams in ny metro

two teams in bos , stl and pilly

vinny scully was about 3 months into his 1st season with the dodgers

Wrigley field is the only balpark played in that day still in uses (rRedsox were on the road)

no lights in wrigley then



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