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Trivia Tuesday 7/12/2016 All star trivia

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The  First all star game was held in con junction with what other event?

ANS 1933 Chicago world’s fair ( game held at comiskey) thanks wikipedia

How many times has San Diego hosted the all star game.

3 counting this year





thanks youtoube i do’nt own anything



True or False since it is in sd the natiomal league wil bat last

ans false Because NL parks started a a string of hosting 4 in row in 2015 the “the last ABs will trade off Al wil act as the home team in the nl park

tonights game

pregame 4:30pm  pdt =  – edt

Ans 7:30 edt

first pitch 5:00 pm pdt= – edt

ans8:00 pm

 tv :Newcorp owned network

radio network in mickey donald and goofy’s family

on the mound

NL 2 time NL all star  from the Giants

AL 5 time all star from the host of the 1st all star game




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