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way out wed 7/13/2016 all star New york giants

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we go from tuesday’s all star  Game to the old home of the  new york  giants


the Polo grounds hosted two all star Games

1934when  Carl hubbel faned ruth Gehrig  foxx and  Cronin all future hallof famers among the 6 he struck out before the home crowd.

1942 acording to wixipedia it was the first all star “night game” scheduled for a 6:30 pm start and  delayed for an hour ( wikipedia did not say why) barely wraping up before the  9:30 New york  WWII time blackout curfew. I know that all home front event had to be  coradinated with the countries war effort but playing a night all star game in our nation’s most populated city with a lights out curfew looming doesn’t seem smart to start with

btw if they would  have held an al star  home run derby in the polo grounds my money would have been on a dead pull down the lines hitter because the gaps and dead center was where balls went to die


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