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throwback thursday 7/14/1988 pittsburgh pirates

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we leave coogan’s bluff and jump in our time machine and go to the Buco home game 7/14/1988.


the times

on our mix tapes


Game info

the  Pirates rolled over former  pirate  Rick Reuschel     on a rainy night in steel city

radio kdka (with jim rooker, steve blass , lanny fartrte)

tv according to what i could gather from wikipedia if home were on tv they were on the klm (now called root sports)cable network( with the same crew as above) kdka tv the cbs  station also did prate game( i’m asuming hardly ever home game) with the same crew + john sanders)

throwback snipet since it is on a thursday we take another spin in the time machine using the carer of  Bobby Bonilla

we go to 7/14/1687  when the pirate rReuscuel pitched 1.1   scoreless inning in the all star game


How many bucs played in the 1987 all  star game

ans (ithink) unless i missed something rick was it



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