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after a long lay off i’m back with things to say

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Mike  and Junior did awesome  Hall of Fame speeches

Frontier internet  it is a bit anoying do be trying to blog and build a disability website when your router keeps having to rebooted because your internet gets ” limited”

My sis and her family I’m so glad that during the   period of transition as my sis took a job  closer to us and went through the crazy procces of getting a house  4 hr away sold while my niece finished 1st grade in a school she new While trying to buy  a house for she and her lil bro to grow up and have fun in . I’m glad we could be there for them I enjoy spoiling them. they will only be 7  2 31 and 30 once so despite the fact they may drive you crazy at time enjoy  your family  when ever you can.

trade deadline

Reds fimaly traded Bruce. I wish you the best Jay.

Padres  haned out some lemons.

Rangers  made their lineup scarry

cub pen has heat out wazoo

the yankees  part with some  valuable antiques


i hate to see player reach the end of the line

Mark texeira aint been right since 2013 when he had the injury during that years wbc eanjoy the rest of your final season

Arod you had a great gift but your ped use and your lying has made you a plarize figure i’m glad you are leaving

Ichro 3000th mlb hit

congrats on your 3000th hit. You have always been very  classy.あなたの第三千ヒットにおめでとう。あなたは常に非常に上品されています。




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