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@1:10 pm edt 8 /18/2016

Start here


“>we start our  hourney through time


at comerica park

where matt boyd ked the 1st batter

so we bring up his stats

we take our special 8 sided dye roll an 8  which is more the number of pitching bating and feild lines on his stat sheet so we roll again rolling a 6 leading us to 

since strikeout  are not part of the fielding stats we see who played the most at a rolled position for 2015  tigers  we roll a 5 meaning 3rd baseman leading us to

2015 tiger 3rd baseman

we roll a 3

which leads us to

the 2015 tigers batting stats

and the batter with most strike outs

we roll a 5 leading  us  back to the 2015 tiger bating stats since we know jd lead in  strikeouts we put  Detriot tigers  8/1 bring us 8/2015  into our time machine

bring us to..









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