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@ 3:oo pm cdt 8/18/2016

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since no game at miler park today i return to wrigley


cubs increase thier lead  while we were gone

@3;06 pm cdt javier baez  got a hit

we roll a 4  leading us to

2014 cubs fielding stats since

hits are notpart of fielding stats we use the most games played at a rolled positon

we roll a  1 (pitcher)

leading us to justin grimm

we roll a 2 leading us to 2013 texas rangers staff 

and the pitcher who gave up the most hits

derrick holland 

we roll an 8 leading us to

the 2016  rangers staff  and most hits given up pitcher

martin perez

we roll a 3  leading us to

2014 rangers staff


colby lewis

we roll a 6

leading us to

2010 rangers staff


scott feldman

we roll a 1

leading us to

2005 rangers staff


kenny rogers

we roll a 3

leading us to

the 1991 rangers staff


kevin brown

we roll a 5 which leads back to 1991  since we know kevin gave the most hits we can put 8/18/1991 texas rangers in our time machine and go off to…



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