Home » around the league » @ 12:41 am edt 8/19/2016

@ 12:41 am edt 8/19/2016

Start here


we return to 2016 turner field


  where the nars pounded the braves late

@12:50 an edt/ 9:50 pdt

we go to angels stadium


@ 10:02  pm pdt adam lind got a hit

we  roll a 6 leading us to the 2011 blue jays roster and

jose baustita  we roll a  6

leading us to the 2006 pirate roster and

freddy  sanchez

we roll a 3 leading us to

the 2004 pirate roster and

jack wilson

we roll a 1 leading us to

the pirates 2001 roster and

Aramis  rameriez we roll a 8

leading us to   the 2004 cubs roster

moises alou

we roll an 8 leading us to the 1997 flotidia marlin roster

and edgar renteria

w e roll a 4 leading us to the 1999 st. louis cardinal roster

since edgar led them in hits we put 8/ 18/1999 st’ louis caridinals in thw time machine…



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