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Way out wed 8/24/2016 Chicago White sox

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It has been a rough and strange year on the south side. First you had  the  Adam  Laroache’s   retirement because managment got sick of Adam’s teen son being in the clubhouse for the entire  162  game schedude.  That set off the whole  Adam’s a  great dad  and the son is one of the team leaders( acorrding to  Chris Sale ace pitcher) vs. The kid needs school ( homeschool can be work able for parents who do travel for thier job if  there is a focus learning not just baseball ) and  The  MLB  clubhouse is no place for kids(if so  than why do we let kids be bat and ball boys )  You had the quick  start in April . The quick fade by late  June .  The trade for tonight’s starter Big  Game  James Shields was suppoused to stop the sinking of the ship It  at first put a few more holes in the boat ( he has pitched better lately)  You had  Sale cut up throwback  Jersey because he thought the were ugly and was not going pitch in them. He was right he got 6 game supenison for his childish action( the comments he made about laroache ‘s son made sence) Robin  Ventura was romoured to be replaced by AJ  Perzycki,  current back up backstop for the  Braves. No wonder the sox are a bit flat

tonight’s game


game time 7:10 cdt

radio  WILS

tv csn chi

beat  the streak picks

the melkman and Omar narvavez ( has a avg over .300 but ridse the pine i think)

weather 79 with a thunder storm chance acoord to weatherunground



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