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Fantasy Friday 8/26/2016 Minnesota Twins

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The  Twins have gone from 2015 near niss  playyoff team to 2016 basement dwellers

I thought maybe the the stats would show a glaring reason why in 2015 ranked 23rdin ops at .704 this  year they  rank 13 th with an ops of .743 (ofense is beter tihs year surpising)

In the pitching  department in  2015 the twins ranked  22 in whip ( basically base runners pitchers allow per ininig) at 1.33 this year the the whip has risen to  1.43  rank 27 th pitching wrose this year)

denfensvely  the twins ranked t-19th in defensive efeincy with .688 this they are next to las t ( 29th)with a  .665

My hypothesis  the Twins have made moves to boost offense  in the hopes to help them get to  the playoffs but it may have been a factor in the fielding decline and in turn the pitching woes( so balls that maybe ruled as hits could be outs with more solid D,)

tonight’s game

6;07 pm cdt



radio tibn

tv fox sport north

on the mound  for your twins

Pat Dean #64 1.50 whip

vs. former twin

Francisco Liriano #45  1.59 whip

beat the streak picks

Brian Dozier #2 .883  ops 1st among beat the streak pickable players for the twins


Robbie Grossman #36  . 817 ops 2nd among the same group

weather they have a retratable roof @ rog so 99.99 %regardless of what is  going this late sumer night north of the broder

thanks mib.com for the stats and making  it so easy to copy and paste player names into  this bog  thanks google maps for showing us cyberly how to get from last  blog stop to this one


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