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throwback thursday 8/25/2013 La Angelsof annahieim

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the times thanks take me back.to

on our ipods pg13

( we had weird taste back in summer ’13)


why such a talent man felt the need the drop  the quick mf bomb at the begining of this cool vid with a 70’s vibe i do’nt know

hard to mix jazz horns and rock cool sound

again this made me go why?



awesome video i’l huming that all the foroward to 2016

what in the name of pokemon  was this

if liked these songs buy these artrists’ work where ever  and however music sells in 2016

game info 8/25/2013

The angels were on the road to face  the seattle mariners


( tonights game is in toranto)

acording to this boxscorefrom baseball refence weaver was domaint as the angels offense lead by mike trout and cole calhoun beat up on arron harang to beat the the m’s( weaver used gut and gile to beatthe jays)

beat the streak picks we tried a double of the lead bating averages of  the 2013 angels Mike Trout (who got a hit in toronto) and the now dodger Howie kedrick  (who was held hitles by matt moore of giants i should have picked Anna)

throwback snippet service sunday sunday supper healthy avacado chickensald from family fresh meals




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