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Trivia Tuesday 9/6/2016 Minnesota twins

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today we go from the city which birthed the team that would become the twins to target field


When the Twins came to  Minnesota what stadium did they play in? click link for answer

how many games did the twins win their 1st year (1961) ?

ans 70  losing 90 acording to wikipedia

tonights game recap with   clues in place of key player names

 The AL player of week from 8/1/2011 pitched 6 solid innings with homer by the 2014 home run derby participant ,a 2007 afl rising star , and a  2011 baseball america rookie  all star  However the twins pen blew the lead and let  royals run away with it with a dixie state alum taking the loss. 

beat the streak picks

a player who made his mlb debut 6/26/2014 got a hit  a 2009 fsl all star pinch  ran  but did not get an ab so our streak is at 8




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