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Trivia tuesday 9/13/2016 Boston Redsox

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Papi’ Trivia

We go from the desert to the ball park David Ortiz has called home since 2003


How many triple crown categories does  Ortiz  lead in Red Sox team history?

Ans 0 he ranks 26 in avg  with .290

he ranks 2nd in homer behind ted Williams ( ortiz has smashed 478 homers  in his redsox uniform) and 3rd behind  yaz and ted in Rbis (has 1514 as a redsox)

Note he is the oldest player to post a  30 homer season at age 40

game notes

time 7:10 pm edt

radio weei (eng) sbn (esp)

tv nesen

on the mound for the o’ dylan bundy 8-5

for your sox

he was 7 when big papi  boken in

beat the streak picks

in addition to papi

he was 13 at the time ortiz broke in


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