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Thowback Thursday alds 10/6 tor vs Tex; Bos vs.clev.

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The Alds machup have a lot history against one and other

tor vs tex

a year ago this was the talk of baseball with al the bad blood over bat flips and the like

and with the brawl  in the  regular season this year

it will be  intersting to see how this series will play out

last year’s seiers began in toronto with  the first game being broadcast on fs1

this year  Texas being the top AL seed they will host the jays  this year game on tbs in the states

https://www.google.com/maps/dir/Citi+Field,+123-01+Roosevelt+Ave,+New+York,+NY+11368/Globe+Life+Park+in+Arlington,+Ballpark+Way+%23400,+Arlington,+TX/@36.472772,-94.4757694,5z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m13!4m12!1m5!1m1!1s0x89c25fe0b147d195:0xf55b95d4f099763b!2m2!1d-73.8458213!2d40.7570877!1m5!1m1!1s0x864e877a7401d9b5:0x2cebbaefcdc2c920!2m2!1d-97.0825044!2d32.7512802 4:30 edt / 3:30 c:dt on tbs (storms in forecast so i’ll try and find some rain delay content)


On this dare in 1995 the Indians  Finished a sweep of the Sox at fenway according to wikipedia this game was televised by abc with cbs radio handling the bradcast. Some may recall that 1995 was a very   strange year in playoff baseball coverage  2 networks that were loosely tied into the Baseball network which meant Regoinal broacast of playoff games and networks shift between abc an nbc during series  unless you were in the boston or cleveland and new which network was going to show the game you may not have seen it bad idea mlb

Four years later they met in game 1 of the alds in  CLeveland for alds game one

Ceveland won the battle butit lost the war. 3 games to 2. Acording to wikipedia  Fox’s number 1 duo ( joe buck and tim mcarver )trelevised the game With espn radio using dave campbell  and  erine harwell to broadcast.




they also met in 2007 alcs with curent indians manager Francona manging the sox .

tonights game

8:08 pm Edt on tbs and espn radio( note if  tor tex runs long the game may shift to tnt)






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