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Fantasy Friday 10/7/2016 LDS full plate

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Praying for al those in the path of Mathew Hopefully  everyone is safe and baseball can take your minds off thiings for a few hours.


we start  our baseball day going  from last night cleveland win to Today’s Game 2 Tor( happ  @tex(darvish) 1:0o pm edt/ 12:00 pm  cdt on tbs in the us and sn in canada. Then 4:30pm edt  We shift back to Cleveland for Bos (price ) @ cleveland (kluber) on tbs . Should be a good pitching matchup. at 5:00edt/2:00pdt  i will start dividing my atention between that game and the dogders nats game 1 matchup of Kershaw and scherzer  on fs1(gameaudio and or espn radio will be helpful to follow both games at once also a quick clcker finger)  The night will finsh with sf@chc 9:00pm edt/8:00  Cdt/ 6:00pdto fs1 cuetovs lester another great matchup

weather looks good at ball parks i’m excited for the games

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