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Baseball playoffs pet peeve

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I took some time off from bloging this past week to do uncle /playmate  duty  for my niece who was on fall break during the first part of the week. Then  on this past weekend Mom Dad and I headed to my  cousin’s wedding at the  Kennedy space center  it  was neat ceremony . I never thought i would be able to drink adult  beverages at a wedding reception held at a government  owned place.There are a few thing  i have found that annoy me

  1.  why are  MlB playoff being broadcast on Fs1 when a lot of cable systems do not have it in their lineup. We stopped  in Chattanooga, Tittusvile  fl and some where  in Ga none of them had fs1 but they all had Tbs  Espn (2 ) or  a fox regonal sports channel , And fox broadcast chanel , How can Mlb call itself a major sport when huge numbers of fans can’t watch playoff games  on tv
  2.  managers ca’nt win in the court of media opinon Manager get the blame if they  don’t use players when the guys on tv think they should be and lose . Hey media the manager has manged to get his team here without your two cents.
  3. Manager geting too much rdit when an un usal move works out The players are the ones winning the games
  4. too much by the book or numbers manging  Do’nt rely on numbers or what every body says you shoud do when you mange
  5. trevor bauer why not wait until after your teams season ends to play with your drone
  6. 2 of 3 really great baseball  stories will end sadly

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