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Trivia Tuesday Game1 Trivia

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We go to  Progressive Field in Cleveland it be  will be  the first  time Cleveland will host  A world series game one.


who was last pitcher  to start a WS game1  for each team

Cubs :Hank Borowy game1 1945

Indians: Orel Hershiser game 1  1997

Tonights pitcher

Cubs John lester  (nlcs co mvp)

Indians cory kluber  ( won  the all star game to  give tribe world series home field)


This will be the first televised ws game in cub history  Fox 8pm pregame 7:30 pm

Cleveland  Cavilers will open the season at home steps away from game 1 at progressive  I’m  not sure but   I think this is first time i think an  NBA defending champ will open in their home city on the same night their mlb couparts host game one of a ws.

This is the first ws game the Cubs will use  a dh

thanks wikipedia and mlb .com for the info








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