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Way out wed 2016 WS game 2

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I love that rich and geneorous are reaching out to older fans  of these  teams can see the history they so long to see.

I love that MLB has taken a look at the forecast and said lets start the game an hour early 7:08 edt /6:08 cdt to try and  beat the rain (tell any friends that have tix for tonights about the time change in case they went to cavs game and have not gotten word). Great for the kids who have school tomorrow too.

I love that you can feel the energy from the fans and cities

i love the fox world series  pregane crew


and funny

yes i know it  isfrom last year


tv fox 7:00 pm edt

radio espn radio

local radio

chc  wscr( eng)  wrto (esp)

clev wtam

These feed swill go quiet if you listen to them with mlb.com gameday audio subcrdribiton during any rain delays

on the mound



i thought aretia did a state farm spot cannot find on youtube

for cleve




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