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Game 7 Wrapup

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Best Game 7 of  a  World series  ever both teams left every ounce of themselves on that diamond in Cleveland last night The   Cubs who had already pulled off a minor miracle by getting the seires to game 7 jumped on corey kluber and the rest the tribe pitching staff to build a 4 run lead. It looked like Maddon ‘s move to bring in the Lester/ Ross batetry was going to back fire on them when a montorous wild pitch let the indians score 2 runs .

” Grandpa Rossy”  as his yuonger teamates call  him got one of the runs back by hitting what will be his last big league homer, and Lester  stalblized  things.

Then tribe  got a hit with 2 outs in the 8th  Maddon brought chapman into to try and close it out. But the overworked closer  did not have his command or speed on his fastball.  he gave up a double cutting the cubbie  lead to 2 with raji davis coming up , a player noted more for his  speed and not his power. but Davis went down and found a pitch to drive out to left to hit the latest game 7 game tying homer in world series history.  . When Chapman reapeared for the 9th, to be honest  I thought the tribe was going to win it but  chappy found his slider and  relied on it to retire the tribe batters 1-2-3 .

Then the rain delay before the top of the 1oth. Jason heyward the free agent adition before the season, reminded the team that do’nt give up. I did not think the delay would be only 17 minutes. I was thinking they might suspend the game an finish it up Thursday night . But a dry window parked it self over progessive and rain stoped long enough to continue a finish this epic. Klyle swaber got on base to start the 10th  in best dugout move of the night Joe sent Albert almora Jr to pinch run . and calmly read the fly ball caught by  Davis and tagged up and wen safely to 2nd . Most player would have assumed it would be a doulbe in the gap and ran like heck only to have to risk the outfielder doubling  them up  trying to get back to first when the ball is caught. Rizzo scared them so got a copoun for one free trip to first base Ben Zolbrist,  World sereies .MVP( cub mvp for life) hit a doulble driving in two runs.

In the botom of the 10th the cubs had to survive one last tribe rally when a double and single cut the cub lead to one with 2 outs  but they were fnally turned away by mike montgemrey. The tribe deserve a lot of for playing so  well with key cogs of their pitching staff being hurt for much of September and  October. For many the fact that they beat the Red Sox was a surprise, the blue jays shocking and  having the heavy favored Cubs in 3-1 hole amazing , The fact that the  Cubs won games 5,6 and  being down game 7 did not phase them  both teams left it all out on field the is all we fans can ever truly ask.


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