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celebrate the champs 11/3-4/2016 Chicago Cubs

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The 2016  World series is for:


and Harry


ronnie great 3rd baseman wondeful color man with pat hughes

for wrigley

the family

the field

and the vile

For   the  trubine company  who planted the seeds of cub fandom worldwide with the wgn  cable broadcasts

for the  ricketts family who   had  the plan and stuck with it

for the  1910 cubs from the west side(grounds)

for 1918


charlie root and 1932


for 1935 and gabby


andy pafko and the boys of 1945

for  you billy willams and fregue jerkins and boys of ’69


for ryno and leon durham and the 1984 cubbies

hawk and dunstons and cubs of 1989


for slaming sammy and woody and 1998 wild card cubs


for  Prior and gonzalez and bartman and heart break of ’03

lou’s teams of 2007


and 08

last years overacheivers

for all cubs players managers an coaches great and small

all cub media people from then to now

all stadium worker from groundkeepers , to scoreboad  opperatorsand vendors who work thorough the decades

and most important the fans

the famous



and the every fans  who sat by their radios and tvs or in the ballpark day after day year after year . Sadly some never got to see  this

but they did have folks to help them show their cubbie pride

#go cubs go

Joe Maddon car raffle for charity

2016 cubs ebay finds

The Cubs won  the world series in 1908 the last year of a maverick. Replubican President Teddy Roosevelt’s term and win it in 2016 the year  maverick Republican  Donald  Trump gets elected  President.

How will the Cubs be albe to go from 2016 Chicago baseballs gods to 2017 denfending champs? Only time will tell.



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