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Winter meetings and Domincan winter league Satisifying my baseball hunger

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We go from the home ball park of the world champs to the Winter meeting in  Harbor MD


where   the Giants signed a solid closer in Mark  Melancon  it  may not be the “sexiest” move but  I do’nt think it as risky as the Yankees   Resignining Chapman for 5 yr @85 Million  because one has to wonder if Chappy’s 100 mph plus cannon is wearing down after the  Cubs  over worked in the playoff.  And  the  Red Sox   are tryin to make their pitching rotation  scary good with the addition of Chris Sale .

But  no  MLB team has ever won a ring in December,so only time will tell for sure who made  the best deals . In the meanwhile for those who are caving live baseball action do what i have done twice this week, check out the  winter leagues . no game day auido or mlb.tv vidoe just old fashioned anmated play by play.   It can be slow at times but live baseball is out there i f you want to partake


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