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Catching up African American history Month Throwback Thursday SF Giants 2/9/1961

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We  jump in the  time  machine going from 2017 Wrigley Field to 1961 Candlestick Park in San Fransisco.


This season on  Throwback Thursday we will  disguise our time machine as a car from that year (or era) this week’s pick is:

on the radio /jukeboxes

If you were driving your Rambler to Fisherman’s Wharf  listening to  KSFO(the Giants radio flagship in ’61) or  at the  malt shop  with your swwety feeding quarters into the jukebox you might have  heard

nothing like classic Mowtown

makes think of pbs for some odd reason

romiatic and heartbreaking  at the same time

Giants fans were waiting for spring  when Lon Simmons and Russ  Hodges would be harlorded by   the sound of

great pics of  Willie Mays , Wille Mac and other bay area greats)

lon and russ also did the games on ktvu tv

highlights from 61

Wille  Mays 4 homer game @ the Braves

Mays hits 3 homers in first game of a DH @ the phills

team finish 3rd 8 gb of cincy

Throwback snippet Hard  to   believe it took the san fran Mayor saying he would love to have  Mays as a neighbor before  realtors would sell Wille a house when he moved with the  team in ’58 He was the superstar for your baseball team not a paroled crimnal . Did his skin color really matter more than his play or character?



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