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Mike Ilitch 1929-2017 was a fan’s owner

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He was never afraid to spend the money to make his teams ( the Tigers and  Red Wings) playoff caliber at a time when his city needed a sense of pride in something.  He built the Tigers by hiring good baseball people and letting them invest his money in the ways that helped fix any  roster holes  MLB luxury tax was not a concern when victor martinez had to sit out a year with his knee injury. He told his front office  staff who thought Mr. Ilitch would not want to dip in the free agent  pool, “Go get  Prince (Fielder)”. Prince who was the biggest fish of that offseason’s free agent pool . Most owners want to save money to debterment of cheep roster playrolls. Once players join the Iltichs team  they were treated with love and respect you rarely if ever heard of any in fighting or badmouthing about a Detroit player coach or mananger. Thr players in turn wanted to give him championship

In an Era when almost every pizza chain promotes online ordering and  varitey of topping his  Little Ceasars chain gave the option of $5 hot and ready pizzas with good old sauage or peporoni right as we walk in

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