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WBC team Israel 1-0

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We go from Giants spring training to join team Israel who shocked South Korea in the first World Baseball Classic game of  the 2017 tournament   The nation’s first time in the WBC


Team make up

Mostly  American born players of Jewish /Israeli heritage

Some of players like Jason Mariquis  , Ike  Davis, and Sam Fuld have a lot of major league baseball experience. The bulk of roster are up and coming prospects or guy who spent a lot of time in  American minor leagues.

Biggest  Challenge

Lack of pitch  staff  Depth Yes  all teams have same number pitchers but with usage pitch count rest rules and the other nations  have a deeper roster of pitchers who how to pitch in tourney/big game. situations  .

Biggest asset

No one thought the Israeli team would win the 2016 qualifier to be in the field so a lot of teams may  underestimate their talent.

game time 10:00pm Monday est in the usa  against Chinese Taipei

5:00 am in Tel Aviv

On MlB network in USA Could not find Israeli broadcast info



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