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Throwback Thursday 3/30/1943,44 Boston Braves

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This week we focus on World War II’s affect on spring training and American life this week’s   time machine cover will be

produced in 1941 before the  US entered the war  the car company produced mostly mltary vehicles during the war

We drive it from 2017 FL to 1944 CT (if i had taken such a trip in 1944 the grovernment would have made fuss as gas was rationed for clivian and long trips were discouraged


The times

Spring training in CT? as the atricle says it was less then ideal but under circumstances no one would complain. plus think of those high school kids getting lessons from the pros

I’m sure some  would wonder as  I have with so many players off fighting for their country Like a then yuong un proven Braves pitcher Warren Sphan why did baseball not shut down. Commishner Landis wrote FDR to  ask whether he should close down baseball FDR felt that baseball was important  to keep morale of the troops  servering and the folks at home.  Boxscores from star stripes the miltary newspaper were hot items  If a service person was lucky he may have  caught on arm forces radio

Meanwhile the folks were told  to

And many other things to help  those serving in eroupe and asia

victory gardens , scrap reclycling, uso dances  benefit ball games etc.

All of this while missing freinds and realtives some of whom would give their lives

so baseball was there ( minus  most of the big stars off fighting in combat or playing in miltary baseball game to boost the sevricemen spirts up

thank you to servicemen past and present



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