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Way out Wed 4/12/2017 Walk this way

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For most of  my baseball  I have seen teams walk a batter by having  their catcher stand up somewhere near the zip code of home plate and the pitcher  just playing catch . While I don’t mind the no pitch  intentional  walk but  I would like to see some slight tweaks going forward. The weirdest thing is it take everybody a moment to realize that batter got free passed  plaese adopt some standard to let folks know it is happening you could make the catcher stand up still,  have the umpire make aa clear singal, annouce it over the stadium PA system, or have a bat boy get the box instead of the batter something so we can tell what the heck is hapening. Next season  I would love to see a manager be given a once per game “veto” on the pitchless walk. You have a scared rookie pitcher throwing against you  and you have the tying or winning run on 3rd you  should be able to say “If you want to walk my guy , have your huler throw the balls


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