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Marketplace Monday and notes 4/17/2017 Houston Astros

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I  fell behind starting thursday  I had a  idea blog  for 1982 white sox but  I realized as I “time traveled” to  the wrong date( the 12 and not the 13)  The White  Sox played the Redsox in  what I’m guessing was the  Fenway home openner on the 12 and had an off day in  Boston   so it went from a recap about the battle on 12 to figuring out “what to do “on the 13 with no game toi highlight” basically drive a firebird to 1982 fenaway and hang out with white sox first year tv anouncers Hawk Harelson and  Don  Drysdale


beat streak Jose abreu started a streak for me repersenting 1982 white sox  avg leader Greg Walker(with no ab min.)

Friday was the day i swtiched my mlb “farm team “from the Cubs to  My  Reds new dugoutramper Zak Cozat leading ops on Friday for my Reds got a hit to extend my streak to   2 games. I do’nt know how long the Reds will keep in the hunt with starting pichter not giving many ininings to the staff


Saturday  I was going to cover the San Diego Padres playing at sun trust park in atlanta on  Jackie Robinson day but the easter rush  kinda pinched me for time  the fact that the MLB  Padres have never known a time without African  American players and other minorities on their roster speaks to Jackie’s on field legacy, the fact we had an African American president speaks to how far soicety has come because of  Jackie , but the racial tension we still see means we still have a long way to go.


Jackie  Robinson foundation

Monday  the Astros beat my sister’s Angels in the 1st of a four game home series

Charlie morton(1-1) with the win

ken  Giles gets save 3

nori aoki stopped my streak



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