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Way out wed. 4/19/2017 Reds pizza delima

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Last night Adam  Duvall hit a grand slam meaning it  trigered the PAPASLAM  promo code .  Use that code for 40% off your  Papa John’s .com order 4/19/17  But our local papa john,’s has a wacky wenesday promo any size and  style pizza for $9.99 so if you get a large Meats The PapaSlam  is the better deal but if you get an extra large the wacky is the better. If the Reds pichers would have gotten one more strike out they would have triggered the LaRosa’s pizza giveway to all fans in ballpark giving any fan with a ticket a free pizza if they present it within a week of an 11 k game for  the Reds pitching staff

I have picked Papa Slam duvall for my beat the streak pick.Maybe he or votto will hit a papa slam tonight or at least keep the  Reds bats cookin and young Amir  Garrett 2-0 may lead a Larosa’s give way or at least pitch solid enough to keep my reds in 1st. if anybody hits a grand slam in mlb and reds pitching staff  get 11 ks all the fans at  Great  American Ballpark could have a 2 chain pizza party thursday


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