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Marketplace Monday 4/24/2017 Beat the streak detour

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An internet  slow down kept me from catching up on the blog with the Bryce Harper Micheal conforto double down i pulled off sunday night i have a 5 game hitting streak and got a small “prize” of a discount code to Mlb.com shop this season when i reach a beat the streak bench mark we will play a little game based on the prize i win This game will be very simple Each day  i will consider 3 pitches (items) per batter (day) until I either  get a hit ( buy something was the code) or go 3 days of 9 items toatal without a a buy search items will be based on players and or teams of my sreak using a dye roll to pick the player or team I should consider when buying an item and depending on which day of week that player or team got the hit to help my streak may help detimine what kind of item I buy and what i do with it once I buy it.

our first roll is 1 Our streak start on a throwback thrusday when Johnthan lucoroy “”pinch hitting  for his 1987 rangers counterpart Geno petalli got a hit  i roll to do  a dye “vote” to see if i should do player item search or a team item search The team search won out and I search for 1987 Texas ranger items I come up with 2 items i happen to roll a 2 and take a look at

a 1987 donruss card set  I will see if 3 dye rol lvotes think i should buy it

first vote is ya

2nd vote is nah  one nah votes kills the pitch strike 1

for the next item we roll a 6 since i forgot to pick on firday for twins they represent 6 since it was a fantasy friday  there a number of cateorigoes in the twins shop i can go i roll a 4 leading me to the on field collection. i roll a 2 leading me to this twins cap

1st vote ya

2 vote ya

3rd vote ya one hurdle cleared

we now see if we can apply the discount to the cap it cannot

strike 2

next pitch is a 2 since a continued on sat wit a double up in Baltimore and the team won the dye vote i go to  the tailgate and party section to be soical on saturday we roll a one a look this house flag

first vote nah  our detour will continue trivia tuesday next post until then we ar stuck in nyc



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