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way Wed 4/26/2017 beat the streak deour

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one last “batter” for the beat streak discount code

Manny Machado ended my streak so since  I rolled a 6 we shop for twins items then we roll a 5 leading to the autographed item section

we roll a 6 with a bonus roll of 1 where we find a Joe  Mauer signed ball

1st dye vote nah i’d rather have a baseball he hit than one he signed

2nd pitch we roll a 3 we do a dye  vote for team or player the vote said go with the those birds from Baltimore today we will see what items are in the lawn outdoor because spring means outdoor socials

We roll a 1 leading us to this bird flag

dye vote one nah

they beat my Reds in the 1970 World seires so baltimore items not high vaule for me

our last pitch leads us to adam jones a bird i like

 our dye roll leads us to this

first dye vote  a nah black jersey’s are just too hot

our beat streak will once agan be johnthan lucory pinch hitting fo geno patalli of the 1987 ranger


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