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Service Sunday 6/4/2017 playball and papa slam run wild

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6/3/2017 note I was on uncle duty and made a pick howie kendrick thinking i might have time to blog about the phillies gamesIi did not an howie killed my streak yesterday 7 players did hit grand slams an mlb record. If i did not have pizza from the late mr  ilitch ‘s Litrtle cesasar’s in my fridge i would partake in buying from papa toinght I enjoyed watching my niece and nephew hit off veteran righty Grandma before their dady took them home. I would post pics of the day but i do not want you to know where or see  them for privacy reasons After your yuongsters and you playball may i reccomnd 7 pizza’s With a few changes from standard

The cubs  an extra large The meats pizza(or do a pan see if papa might bake it wit chesse before the sauce)

for Atlanta the Meats with chicken added and bbq sauce to taste like a southern bbq

for Denver do your best to make a  Denver club Sandwich on a pizza this is most out of norm pizza for papa so might be hard to fill the order use spinach in place of the romaine lettuce and chicken instead of roast turkey add bacon and tomatoes (if they will let you)

for the brewers get a cheeseburger pizza because when i think  the diary state i think a good cheeseburger.

for the the Dodgers. the garden fresh pizza

for the Angles I  have two ideas  in general a tropical luau pizza  also  since albert puljos’ 600th homer was a grand slam  get an extra large works to celebrate

for seatle the graden fresh with acheovoes ( not for people like my niece who have algeries to fish)


from now until close of local prepaiting papa john on 6/4/2017 using the papaslam code on papajohns.com or papajohn app please do’nt get mad at me or them if they can not modify your order as i have said the promocodes seem to be easier to use if you enter before you order

Sunday night baseball


7’30 edt 6:30 cdt



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