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Trivia Tuesday 6/6/2017 Balitmore Orioles

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Monday note I was going to do a split dh  with Yankees and Reds blog draft never had good traction but Zack Cozart did lead my Reds to victory and started a new streak for me  Tonight we go to a ball park celebrating its 25th anniversary.


Where the birds faced the Pirates .

How many times have the Pirates and the O’s met in the world series?

2 1971, 1979 both  Pirates win

but the flock got a walk off come back extra inninigs win backed by homers from a 2008 pcl all star, a guy who got a relief win in 2012, and 2 by a 2012 afl rising star.

Kevin Gausman started with 6.2 innings with a 2016 al all star   getting the win in relief

a son of a former pirate was my beat the streak pick but he did not  play so streak stays  at 1



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