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Way out wed 6/7/2017 Reds Cards should fear the Muppet

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Scooter Gennett had a night that no  Reds player  not Frank Robinson not my first baseball hero Johnny Bench

not  Tonny Perez

not George Foster

not Eric Davis

not Adam Dunn

Not even Joey Votto

have hit 4 homers in a game not until Scooter Gennett went 5 for 5 with one of every  run amount of homer you have starting with a papaslam use that promo code to get 40% of your papajohns.com orders 6/7/2017, a 2 run shot, a solo shot, and a 3 run shot  leading to 9 of his club record tying 10 rbi  he got his first hit an rbi single to break him out of 0 for 19 slump. The only way Scooter night could have gotten any  more historic was for that single to be an inside the park home run.


and just think cards fans if Your  manager had not taken an out and a run off the board  by winning the challenge and a chance at an unknown outcome( note to managers you should only use replay when both outcomes are set in stone never ever take the unknown over a known outcame ) the  guy who took his nickname  from a character on the

he watch growing up he may have never hit his slam or his stride.

Another amazing thing is scooter was born in cincy (holloywood calling) and the Reds picked him up off the scrap heep when the Brewers release him for some crazy reason he wore his wellcome up there after putting up solid but not eye popping stats.

Tonight at 7:10 edt will see what scooter can do for an encore if Price is smart to put him in lineup since he owns Cards sp Lance Lynn ( to the tune of .367 lifetime of him)

wlw for radio

fox sport ohio will have the reds tv for us




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