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@2:19 pm edt/1:19 cdt

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we head to the 3rd ball park called  by this name



Where the International league player  of the week 6/16/2014 got a hit we go to rookie year with the Tigers in 2012 and leads us to their leader in hits  we go to his rookie year with 2003 marlins and their leader in hits We  go to his rookie year of 2000 with the Rockies and their hits leader  we go to his rookie camagn of 1997 and their hit leader  

then we head to his first mlb team the 1989 Expos and their hits leader  we go to his debut year of 1980 andthe Expos  hit topper  

in the Hawk’s  rookie voyage of 1976 and their best hit man  

joining the amazin in 1970 and their hit leader who played his first 5 games for the tribe in 1962 and  their hit leader who shares his name with a hall of Famer in rookie year of 1951 with the bucs and their hit leader who boarded the pirates ship in 1950 where a future met broadcaster was the hit pace setter  in his madien voyage of 1946 the bucs best hit collectorhe sailed 1st in 1942  where the hitsmith got 166 safeties he came aboard in 1939 where the hit master and hall of famer got 182 hits  27 less than his 1932 teamate and loyld bro one year before the first game on radio  the man with 197 hits  paced the club. The 1921 leader got  204  hits which  was a far cry from the 41 in collected in 1916 when the Club leader got 175 who permired with the 1905 reds where they werec paced by a hitting cy

who debut with the  NY giants in 1896 with a three named player pacing them in hits his mentor with the 1887 chicago white stockings since the whitestocking play under another name andmy laptop bat is lowi’m going to letyou guess where the modern whitestocking play tonight and take you there later



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