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Catching up 6/18/2017 – 6/21

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6/18  took my Non baseball fan dad to the Reds game


and  the from Red to Bronze exhibt at the teams hall of fame  which shows the process of   crafting the sculptures that are outside the ballpark it is a  very intresting pocess and worth a visit My streak stopped because i tried a double down of the 2 players leading the league in hits dad who is logical would have told me  just do the top guy do’nt be greedy

6/19/2017 New york yankees during a yankee off day


I voted for  Aaron Judge Starlin Castro and Aaron Hicks on the  AL star ballot vote now until the 6/29/2017 35 times per email adreess max 5 votes per day

6/21/2017 went to the home of Minne and Paul


2008 AL all star got the win behind homers by the 2015 Calvin R. Griffith MVP Award winner

and the 7/10/2016 AL player of week and a hit from 2016 Carl R. Pohlad Award winner

got a hit to start a new beat the streak

6/21/2017 whitesox  I love  Hawk Harelson  because he is an old time” homer” anouncer who understands the modern game who can  explain the difference with out sounding like a bitter old ball payler avai garcia  my pick to click got a hit to extended my streak dad gumit




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