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Wayout wed 7/5/2017 St. Louis Cardinals

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Notes from weekend I went to the Reds game sunday 7/2 picked  votto and cozart  both named All stars to get hits to give me a streak of 2 Picked  the Marlins’ stanton on 7/1 who was held hitless

Spent the rest  of my holiday with niece (8) and nephew (3) thank you to all those who servered and died so I can watch them grow up in freedom

Tonight the Cardinals will fish for  Marlin weather premiting  seem like the cards have rain , bullpen implosion, lead gloves players getting sent to Memphis  to repair broken swings, and a revoling door at 3rd (with coaches and players)

7:15 cdt scheduled first pitch ( rain in forecast)


Edison volquez is the schuduled starter for the fish

an mike Faucett leake on the hill fo your birds

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