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throwback thursday Happy birthday lil sis 7/27/1985

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4;00 am on that Saturday you decided to  singal tthat you would enter this world  causing me to  miss  Mr and Mrs Kings ( teachers from Southwestern ) and making dad  hurl clothes at me while mom called grandma to meet us at the hospital. My 9 year old self was scared we would get put in jail for speeding as dad drove to the hospital Mom said the police would help us get there quick if they stop us because she was having a baby. I went to grandma’s  and  grandpa’s house watching cartoons waiting for you

Dad came by later with a roll of it’s a girl mints and told me  They  named you Jennifer , the name  I suggested, that was awesome. I was a big bro i was going to teach you to like the Reds ( you became an Angels fan) and play  games with you( Ok sorry i tried to make you play candyland at age 1)  , and watch cartoons ( an actvity i love doing with them two little people that now call you Mom.  I see alot of the happy high energy  headstrong younger you in them)

Here is some other totally rad stuff that was going on in this world on your birthday

In case you were wondering what your Angels did on that day  That got smoked in Toronto at a stadium no longer there ( do you feel old now)

They lost today  too in Cleveland

hope  Number 32 was a good one love you kiddo



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