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Throwback Thursday 8/10/1969 St. Louis Cardinals

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After my  yearly trip to Gatlinburg and spoty internet upon my return  we jump in our time machine one of my dream cars( although for me it was because of certain show that was my favorite of  my early childhood 10 years later)

to 8/10/1969 and

the cardinals road game in San fran  (amazing that Bob Gibson and Juan Marischal started but did not complete the game on that  Sunday afernoon)


in our record collection

galtinburg must have been rougher ’69 lol

thank you to all Vietnam Veterans  our nation as been so slow to show its thanks to all of you  I hope someday we will find out what happened to all those listed MIA.



beat the streak picks

pinch hitting for the top hitters in that days lineup  Lou Brock and Curt Flood will be Tommy  Pham and Dexter Fowler

Rain delay possible  in tonights royals cards game if there is i will try to find some Harry Carry and Jack buck  kmox auido from back in the day plus what might have been on KSDtv(televised Cards games back then)  as if that day’s game had a rain delay


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