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week in review

rip Keith Jackson

clutch and cole off pirates ship

Josh harison  thinks it is fire sale and wants to jump ship too but i think thanks to Sean  Casey of Mlb network and listing all the yuong phenom talents still on the roster i see the bucs still have pontential to make a playoff run.

With  Cutch and Evan Longroia in San Fran the Giants lok poised to  make playoff run

Geriit cole is an awesome add for the champion  stros

The union management peace  maybe showing signs of crack  I’m sure the union is not pleased about the very small number  of free agents signed the luxury tax may have something to do with it but  I belive that the 2018 crop of Superstar free agents may have more to do with it.  This prompted the union to reject a pace of play rule package so the comish will probably implement apitch clock and other speed up rules. this may make th next colective barganing pact harder to get passed.


sunday football food 1/14/2017

click on team for food idea

1:05 pm est on CBS

Jacksonvile Jaguars  Thanks to  my friend  Tom who is enjoying his retirement in Jacksonville after many years of being the one of the best high school janitors in  Hanover indiana he let me know que is big in jags country

@ pittsburgh Steelers  for those of hard working central euroupean decent in the steel city

then @4:40 est /3:40 cst on fox

New Orleans Saints

@ Minnesota viking spam was invited in minnesota


football playoff foods saturday

click on team for food idea

4:35 pm est on  NBC

Alanta Falcons  (for those homes like mine got an airflyer  for chirstmas) @ 

philly eagles (since you might use valdelia onions from GA for the onion rings using them in in a philly steak might make it slightly sweeter)


@ 8:15 pm est/ 7:15 cst on cbs

Tennesse titians @New england patriots


snow weather at home sends me cyberly to the DR

with snow in midwest it time to check out the winter leagues in Australia and the Dominican  Republic 

Baseball’s off season so far has some interesting storylines

The Yankee firing Gradi and hiring Aaron  Boone was only the start of  Master plan for the Yanks with in days of Boone’s hire the  Yanks traded for  Goncarolo  Stanton  from the Marlins The 2017 nl mvp will now  give AL pitchers nightmares now  The yankees will be a powerful line up  They are either set up for Boone to  sucsede or fail misseribly.

I  wounder who will replace Boone in the  Espn siunday night If   I  were to guess  I would think they would put David Ross  America’s most famous back up catcher.

The yankees  were not the only one to fire a manager after the team made the playoffs

The Redsox and nats fired old school gut feel manaser for repertedly more mertic freindly rookie dugout bosses .  time will tell if this is a good idea

it is sad when things like the champion sports team aceepting an invite to the white house sparks such poticial debate on sport show .

congrats to  Jack   Morris and Allan tramell and  Bob costas for thier up coming hallof frame induction in 2018 ca’nt wait to hear the spheches.

this year as been a very slow in terms of fre agent sigings most big name still looking for home with a about a month before camps open. but with so many clubs wanting to deal their stars before losing them to free angecy or  before they have to write another big  check to their big fishes. the market is taking a while to form

wild card weekend day 2more food ideas

After a Saturday where  the Titans came back to beat the chiefs and The Falcons ended the playoff run of Miy sister Rams sorry sis.

today @1:05 pm est on CBS

The  Bills   face the Jugars buy extra shrimp if you are making gumbo for saints panthers game

then @4;45pm  est on fox

The Panthers face the Saints

Before catching up on baseball some playoff football parties 1/6/2018

I do want to make note of the passing of former Padres/Angels coach

Rob Picciolo  who had many fans within the game of baseball

It is football playoff weekend and it makes miss Dick  Enberg He did every sport on every network with a class and under stated style When there is  a great play i will hear  Dick’s sinagture

in my head

The playoffs start @ 4:25 pm est / 3:25pm cst   on espn/ABC

( respieces by clicking on the teams

Tennesee titans @ KC chiefs

then @ 8:15 pm est / 5;15 pm pst on nbc

Atlanta Falcons  @  LA  Rams since this my sister favorite football team and my boys did not make it  i will pull for my sis’s rams